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PATRIZIA AG has been active as an investment manager in the real estate market across Europe for more than 35 years. PATRIZIA’s activities include the acquisition, management, repositioning and sale of residential and commercial real estate through its own licensed investment platforms. As a global partner for pan-European real estate investment, PATRIZIA operates as a respected business partner of large institutional investors and retail investors in all major European countries. PATRIZIA manages more than EUR 40 billion of real estate assets, primarily as an investment manager for insurance companies, pension fund institutions, sovereign finds, savings and cooperative banks and as co-investor.  
PATRIZIA has undertaken a number of corporate acquisitions over the past few years, transforming itself from a German residential specialist to a diversified, pan-European institutional investment manager. 
For more information, visit: www.patrizia.ag

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Patrizia AG

Publicerad 2019-11-22
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